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Below is a summary of the Nori & Associates five major service lines.  Click on the left icons for a detailed description of each service.

IT DUE DILIGENCE REVIEWS (Internal Business Application Systems & Infrastructure, Software Products):

IT (Information Technology) DUE DILIGENCE REVIEWS:   A specialized service for Private Equity, Investment Banks, Commercial Lending, Venture Capital, Asset Management and Accounting firms involved in Due Diligence investigations re: business combinations, transactions and lending.  Nori & Associates recognizes the urgency and confidentiality of these matters, and based upon the scope of work we render a draft report within three to seven calendar days.  We identify the business risks associated with the target company's internal computer business application: systems, organization, staffing, infrastructure, key projects, capital expenditures, scalability, flexibility, maintainability, security.  Work scope can be adjusted as required and can include "carve out" considerations as well as "integration" considerations.  Our reviews help quantify transactional risk and better estimate post-merger operational and financial exposure.  Where appropriate we can be retained to assess the software engineering and technology platform aspects of a company's software products, and the development progress toward completion.


SYSTEMS STUDIES: A service for corporate headquarters and regional management charged with responsibility of the IT function.  Nori & Associates services include on retainer advisory as well as project oriented items: Systems Evaluation, Systems Architecture; Systems Planning and eCommerce strategies; Systems Integration & Migration Planning, Application Portfolio Analysis, Cost Reduction Analyses, IT Resource Organization & Skills Assessment, IT Operational and CAPEX Budget Analysis, IT Effectiveness Reviews, Methodology and Best Practices Assessment, Quality Assurance Reviews, Testing Practices Assessment, Control & Planning Assessment, Third Party Reviews of Critical Projects.  Systems Studies now also include documentation services and reviews rendered in connection with compliance to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.


TIMEBOX OPINIONS:  For the executive or SMB who wishes the availability of an "on-call" expert for a quick answer or opinion on any IT related matter, ranging from technology to organizational and practice management matters.  Our principals are available to you (remotely) on an as needed basis, for any "very short term" and ad-hoc IT management related question requiring senior expertise and input.  This service provides the senior and IT management of both large and small companies with an objective and impartial senior IT executive on permanent call to help in any manner necessary.  Typical uses include a "sounding board", an impartial perspective and technical opinion, added expert "horsepower" for some ad-hoc research and analysis, assistance with a brief organizational or confidential matter.  This service has no minimum and no on retainer monthly amount, charges are incurred only as engaged and only up to the maximum specified in advance by the client, not to exceed $2,200.  Billing charges begin at $80 for the first quarter hour and decline by $1 for every succeeding quarter hour up to the maximum preset spending limit.  This line of services also includes IT Contracts and Requirements Advisory Services, a special blend of senior IT management and contract knowledge designed to support and assist the Purchasing, Legal and IT departments of large corporate and governmental entities and the senior management of smaller companies and non profit agencies.  SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED, IF WE CANNOT ADDRESS YOUR QUESTIONS WE WILL WAVE THE BILLING!


CORPORATE PROJECTS:  Nori & Associates serves corporate clients on a fixed cost or time and materials basis.  Services include: Business Process Review, Business Needs Assessment, Requirements Definition & Gap Analysis, Cost Benefit Evaluations, RFP Preparation, Software Evaluation, Selection & Implementation of Custom Applications, Application Integration & Data Warehousing, and implementation of ERP application software packages (e.g. SAP and Abap/4 custom development); Web and eCommerce initiatives;  HIPAA initiatives; Development of System Work Plans for Migration and other major projects; SAP Performance Improvement; Development and Implementation of customized Methodology and Best Practices; Application System Review & Documentation,  Object Oriented Design Reviews,  Custom development on most popular platforms & environments (Mainframe - zSeries servers, Unix/Linux - pSeries servers, AS/400 - iSeries servers), NT/XP/Windows Server/.NET, PC - xSeries platforms, Cobol, RPG, VB, Perl, Oracle, SQLServer, Access, Abap/4, Java, C++, Html, Xml).  Traditional and Object Oriented Functional and Technical Design and Data Modeling.


TRAINING:  Nori & Associates can provide "one on one or some", or "one to many", seminars on several specific domains.  The Nori & Associates seminars a re packaged and can be customized.  Nori & Associates seminars include: Object Oriented Design and Analysis Techniques, Systems Development Methodology, Systems Planning, HIPAA Requirements, Executive Seminars (in various topics, e.g.: Communications,  Hardware, Software, ERP systems), and Effective Management of Systems.  Nori & Associates will also develop User training for rollout of applications and will participate as the FACILITATOR (moderator and catalyst) for  Joint Application Design (JAD), Focus Group, Brainstorming and Group Work Sessions.

INTERIM:  Nori & Associates principals can act as your expert IT management on a part time or interim basis.  We can supply: interim IT departmental management during times of transition or migration, Interim and/or part time CIO services, Interim project management during critical planning and initial iterations of a project, Interim management of run away projects until control is re-established.

NOTE THAT WE DO NOT: Sell hardware, or software or communication equipment and supplies.  To retain our objectivity and independence, we only provide consulting services and results.

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