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Comments From Those We Serve:


  • " Rino (Rino Nori of Nori & Associates) completed a superb and comprehensive IT assessment of one of our portfolio companies and designed an excellent custom tailored strategic and tactical action plan."

            - Larry Hughes, Operating Partner, Morris Capital Management LLC, TN


  • "Dear Rino (Rino Nori of Nori & Associates), It has been a pleasure working with you on our project.  You helped prove the skeptics wrong in their belief that very little could be accomplished in our environment.  Your enthusiasm and ability to motivate others was a large reason for our success.  If we had an award to give, you would be the prime candidate.  I look forward to working with you again and if you would like to use me as a reference, don't hesitate to ask."

            - Edward McGinnis, Director of Financial Information, University Hospital, NJ


  • " Nori & Associates has taken consulting one step further! Not only have they greatly assisted us on the projects, they have provided insight into many areas of our firm that have benefited the company as a whole."

                     - Helmut W. Berchtold, CIO, Schenker International, NJ


  • " His (Rino Nori of Nori & Associates) knowledge of the subject matter is thorough, and his energetic style of delivery is such that students remain enthusiastic involved for two to three days at a time.  His student evaluations are universally positive" (Mr. Nori taught  80 hour courses several times as part of the Insurance & Financial Services federally funded program for certification in IFS Business Analysis)

            - Erik H. Rambusch, NCC, Coordinator IFS Division, CT


  • " Nori & Associates' performance in the evaluation and assessment of our management information system was simply superb. Their report offered many constructive solutions to the problem areas confronting our company. We are extremely pleased with the overall quality and professional insights of their recommendations, and of course urge them to use Madame Alexander as a reference with any perspective client".

                     - Larry D. Hughes President Alexander Doll Company, NY


  • " Nori & Associates provided the necessary expertise to help the bank analyze an internal IT problem with resolvement. They literally walked us through the problem."

                     - Robert P. Carges President & CEO Elmira Savings Bank, NY


  • " I would like to thank Nori & Associates for the excellent job they did in making the integration of our sister company Quintessence into Coty, Inc. a successful one, specifically their role in developing and implementing the sales reporting and broker commission systems. This task was especially difficult given the tight deadline for project completion, as well as the lack of available documentation for our current systems. The quality of the work was excellent and all deadlines were met. Lastly, actual project costs were in line with the initial proposal. I would highly recommend N&A for any similar type of engagement and be happy to serve as a reference."

                     - Michael J. McNamara Vice President, Finance Coty, NY


  • “It is with pleasure that we can offer recommendations for Nori & Associates.  We found the quality of service to be professional, thorough and reliable.  We most appreciated the in-depth documentation of their work.

               - T. Kelly, V.P. Finance & Administration, Dynapac Manufacturing, N.J.

  • " We have been more than satisfied with Nori & Associates. Our relationship has been on both new system specifications as well as modifying existing application software developed by others. On each occasion we have received professional service at the highest level. Their expertise extends beyond systems issues into the business needs of the client, and they have always brought an independent voice into our discussions."

                      -Steven M. Klauber Vice President & CFO, William Grant & Sons, NJ


  • “ Nori & Associates, through their client network, put us in touch with an excellent controllership candidate for the Maersk Group (who we hired).

               -John J. Nicola, Vice President, Finance, Universal Maritime Service Corp., NJ


  • Responsive, Experienced, Hands On, Tenacious, Refreshing Ideas”

               - S.W. Reilly, Dir. of Syst. Development, Boyle Midway, American Home Products, NJ


  • “We chose Nori & Associates because we felt they had the experience in the area and had fulfilled similar assignments in the past.  In the course of their performance we found the organization was knowledgeable and reliable and that they completed their tasks in a difficult environment with a high degree of professionalism”

               - Edmund C. Grainger, Jr.  Chairman of the Board, Village Savings Bank, NY


  • “Personalized service, Close working relationship, Good Interaction”

               - David W. Winstead, President and CEO, Village Savings Bank, NY


  • “Nori & Associates has always been very responsive to our needs, but more importantly their practical solutions have proved not only a proper remedy for the problem but also incredibly cost effective.  They always make us feel as they are spending their money when they recommend a course of action to us, hence it is always well thought out and the maximum bang for the buck.  The bottom line, I know of no firm of any size that provides consulting services related to information processing that I would select over Nori & Associates.  I would recommend them to anyone.”

               - Michael I. Storch, Executive Vice President, Enel North America (CHI Energy, Inc.), CT


  • " I would like to thank you for the assistance your firm provided during the course of BIC Corporation's efforts to convert and test AS/400 systems for Y2K compliance.  It's been a pleasure working with you and I am delighted with the project's success.  I look forward to working with your organization in the future."

                     -Paul Moriber IS Project Manager, BIC Corporation, CT


  • “ I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the major contributions made by Nori & Associates to the progress made by Renaissance Cosmetics.   Our purchase of the bankrupt Houbigant business and the critical need to produce and ship our newly acquired  brands for the Christmas season was a “last chance” to save these valuable and classic brand names.  The use of the invaluable WAVE inventory allocation system, created by N&A, enabled a very successful turnaround of the critically injured reputation of Houbigant brands with the biggest and best of our national, mass market customers.  With the subsequent purchase of Dana Perfumes we requested your assistance to independently manage our current systems facility, to upgrade and enhance it, to build critical interfaces,  in support of the production and distribution of the Christmas seasonal sales.  As you know, these efforts were all successful.  It is clear to me that the role played by N&A was pivotal in these successes.  The unique blend of able staff, strict compliance with business needs, disciplined execution and attention to detail are characteristics of your organization which we at Renaissance have come to value highly.  The ability of N&A to work under unusual stress and to produce results no matter what the obstacles are attributes of which you should be very proud.  These results, as well as the positive influence which N&A has made upon our organization, have been a significant contribution to the success of our company to date.  Once again, thank you for your hard work and great results.”

                               -Ronald D. Bowen,  Group VP, Operations, Renaissance Cosmetics, Inc.  CT   


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