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Nori & Associates is an Information Technology (IT) consulting firm that specializes in:

 IT Due Diligence Reviews, Systems Plans & Strategic Plans, Management Audits, Interim and part time IT Management and CIO service, Business Processes Streamlining, Systems Requirements & Review Studies, Hardware and Software Research & Evaluations, IT Quality Assurance Reviews (including Software Verification & Validation based upon client specified objectives and guidelines such as the IEEE Standards 1012-2004).  In addition to senior management and systems studies we also undertake dot Net development and projects related to: Methodologies and governance practices for corporate clients, Application Systems & Data Modeling, Software Engineering Training, General Design and Development (programming), Installation of Custom and Package based host and web centric computer systems, Advisory Project Management to in-house and vendor run projects.  Our business and IT talents and modeling expertise have prepared us to assist public auditors and companies with the documentation of processes and procedures required to support section 302 and 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Our wide scope of skills & experience employ traditional and internet based technology as well as business process expertise to add value to your organization. We undertake projects on a fixed fee or time and materials basis, and we guarantee deliverables with a firm completion date.  Nori & Associates was established in 1986 as a division of The Evaluator, Inc., a requirements definition and software selection tools company founded in 1983.  nori associates, Rino Nori, The Evaluator Inc. Rino Nori Consulting, Nori Associates, Rino Nori & Associates, Nori and Associates, Nori Associates

(Nori Associates does not sell hardware, or software or communication equipment and supplies To retain our objectivity and independence, we strictly provide consulting services and results.)

Nori & Associates Mission

Our Practice Is Based Upon The Following Three Principles:

  • Providing high quality consulting services at 40% to 60% of the prevailing billing rates.     noriassociates    Rino Nori
  • Servicing each and every client, no matter how large or small, with the highest level of quality, integrity and responsiveness  AND ALWAYS  employing the most pragmatic and expert solution WHILE BEING totally candid and honest to the client.
  • Using the best technical and functional talent on each and every assignment, thereby guaranteeing its high quality and timely completion THUS ENSURING that we never lose our track record of successfully meeting every deadline and budget commitment.

Nori & Associates Contact Information

For full confidence and assured deliverables, for projects ranging from systems plans, studies and strategies  to project management and implementations,  rely upon Nori & Associates, where experience, honesty, accuracy and practicality always prevail.

In approaching client work we provide a complete proposal, at no charge, and if appropriate we commit to a fixed cost with a guaranteed completion date.  Please feel free to call Nori & Associates at (203) 329-7013, such that we could arrange a meeting, at no charge, to discuss how we can serve you.  

Postal address:
24 Camp Avenue, # 4349
          Stamford, CT 06907-0349
To contact us please type in the following email address in your email program: (to minimize Spam we illustrate our email address as a picture, and not as text)
For general information and  inquiries eMail to:                                                                                                                                                                                             Copyright 1999-2011 Nori & Associates
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